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Fencing & Decking

Fencing and decking can add spectacular results to your garden.

These areas of your garden can add texture as well as provide practical solutions to creating specific areas within your garden environment.

When it comes to decking there are different options to choose from depending on your personal preference.

There are soft and hardwood options, both offering different levels of endurance and tolerance.

Acer Landscapes Fencing
Acer Landscapes Fencing

Fencing, like decking can really put the finishing touches to your garden.

There are a variety of different types of fencing materials available and we at Acer Landscapes will offer advice and practical solutions to how best to incoporate this into your garden.

Based on your requirements we will take measurements and create a plan of the area you need fencing to ensure it complements your garden perfectly.

Acer Landscapes Decking

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